cara melajukan browser dengan dns setting

ini adalah cara manual yang boleh kita gunakan untuk mendapatkan kelajuan yang tinggi pada browser..
kalau tak paham jugak leyh try google ;-) good luck

Speed up browsing DNS (hack)According to the headline of the article I am gonna present you some ways to speed up web browsing on your windows boxes.As you know, when you request a page your computer contacts a DNS server with the request to do the name resolution.So if your DNS server delays in resolution you will face a delay in getting to the site.So why not to speed up name resolution in order to speed up browsing…

1.First way to speed up web access is via HOSTS file which is located in the following path

it’s a plain-text file so you can edit it with notepad or any other editor.i think it’s straightforward.
Under the hood, windows first look this file to see whether there is an entry for the hostname and if it finds it,it resolve it itself.Unless,the request will have to go out to a DNS server wait for response which is the case we want to avoid.

2.Another way is by configuring the windows DNS cache.

Before I go on let me show you a few commands in order to configure cache manually

C:>net start dnscache
It will start your local dns cache .

C:>ipconfig /flushdns

It will clear your dns cache and display the results for you.

If you want to see what is in your local dns cache at this time, issue this command 

C:>ipconfig /displaydns
Ok go on…

when you want to go to a site, Windows first looks in its local DNS cache, to see whether the DNS information is contained there. That way, if it finds the information locally, it doesn't have to look in your HOSTS file or query a remote DNS server to find IP information.DNS cache contains entries in which DNS lookup succeeded and entries in which the lookup failed. when Windows looks in the cache and finds such an entry, it gives you an error message without bothering to go out to the site to see if it’s reachable.In fact, windows cache these data for five minutes but we cannot be sure that we won’t run into problems.i am sure you would like to get over this problem that may lead you to confusion too… 

we can solve it by using a Registry hack…
lets hack a bit.. 

Run the Registry Editor and then go to

Create a new DWORD value with the name NegativeCacheTime and give it a value of 0. 
The DWORD determines how much time, in seconds, to keep falied entries in the DNS cache.i don’t want these falied entries in my cache so I set DWORD’s value to 0(zero).
From now on no buggy data in our DNS cache…
After that I am sure that you browse on the fly…without any lag…

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Remove/Deactivate/Disable Facebook Timeline [100% working]

Many people want to remove/Deactivate or disable FB Timeline to get ride of it. Facebook new timeline has much more load compare to the previous Facebook look.

Today I will try to provide you the solution of these problems with the Facebook users :

How to deactivate Facebook timeline:
How to remove Facebook timeline:
How to uninstall Facebook timeline:
How to unsbscribe Facebook timeline:
How to disable Facebook timeline:
How to unpublish Facebook timeline:
How to undo Facebook timeline:
How to block Facebook timeline:
How to back from Facebook timeline:
How to close Facebook timeline:
How to delete Facebook timeline:
How to exit Facebook timeline:
How to finish Facebook timeline:
How to get rid of Facebook timeline:
How to leave Facebook timeline:
How to off Facebook timeline:
How to quite Facebook timeline:
How to revert Facebook timeline:
How to turn off Facebook timeline:

Only for Google Chrome

Step 1: First goto this link to install an addon for google chrome :
FB Timeline Remover and Disabler
FB timeline remover 

Step 2:
 Click on ADD TO CHROME blue button at top right corner.

Step 3: Click on Install:

Now Google chrome shows that its checking the add-on to install:

After checking Google Chrome Install this add-on into Google chrome to disable time line of Facebook:

After successfully installed the add-on into Google chrome now it shows this is now installed:

Now open or refresh Now open or refresh the facebook profile to see that it has been successfully disabled the Facebook timeline:

p/s aku pelik lah korang semua ni ,dulu gatal2 gi tukar facebook timeline sekarang mengedik nak tukar balik yang lama? apa kes? huhu..k takpe2 dengan toturial ni dapat membantu