How to Prevent Email Spoofing with SPF

Email spoofing occurs when spammers make the return email address appear to be a trusted address, such as your domain. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) validates message origins to prevent spoof messages from appearing as though they originated from your domain. According to H-Sphere, a Web and email server utility, "SPF is a mechanism for preventing sender forgery in SMTP transaction, thus allowing domain owners control over who may send mail from their domain


  1. Spoof Prevention

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      Open your browser and type the address to your website or email control panel into the address bar. Press the "Enter" key to load the Web page and enter your credentials, such as username and password, in the appropriate form fields to log in to your control panel.
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      Locate and click the "Email" link or icon on the main page of your control panel or in the control panel navigation, in H-Sphere control panels. This link will take you to the main manager or service page on your account. If you are using other control panel software, search for a link to email "settings" or "options" within your control panel.
      cPanel users should click the "Email Authentication" icon from the main page of the control panel.

  • Look for an option entitled "SPF" (Sender Policy Framework ). Click the appropriate link, button or check box to enable this option, if it is disabled.

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    Click the link or icon to edit SPF preferences, if it exists. With H-Sphere, you will see options such as "Fail," "Softfail," "Pass" and "Neutral." If your firewall detects a forgery or potential forgery, it will attach a prefix to the message. Select "Fail" to instruct the firewall to mark messages are a forgery if SPF detects a spoof. Select "Softfail" to mark spoof messages as potential forgeries. cPanel users will see options to allow additional hosts, IP addresses and servers to send messages from your email service. Click the buttons to "Add" or "Remove" appropriate hosts. Domain owners can apply the same settings for all domains by checking "Overwrite Existing Entries."

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    Press "Submit" in H-Sphere to save settings for your domain. cPanel will automatically save SPF changes as you make them.

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